A Year in Fraternity T-shirts: A Design for Every Event

    Welcome to a year in fraternity t-shirts! As a fraternity member, you know how important it is to have a t-shirt for every event. That's why we're here to help you find the perfect design for each one! No matter your theme or event, there's a t-shirt out there to fit your chapter's style! And the best part? You can 100% customize all of these tees for your fraternity! So let's get started ... one event at a time.


    Bring on the t-shirts!


    You can't start the year off without Rush! You get to show off your fraternity and meet potential new brothers ... all while just hanging out. To make sure your chapter stands out, there's a wide selection of designs perfect for rush t-shirts. From a classic drawing of your chapter house to a detailed 80s design, there's something for every rush theme. Browse through the hundreds of rush designs for ideas ... or start from scratch with a free design proof! Whether you want to keep it simple or go all out, we have the perfect design for your fraternity's rush t-shirt. Let's find the right shirt for this kickoff of the year event!

    Bid Day

    After Rush, it's time to finally welcome new brothers to the chapter! Celebrate the day right with a custom Bid Day t-shirt! It'll be their first shirt as an official frat member ... so it has to be out of this world. Whether you go classic with Greek letters or get creative with a golf themed design, your Bid Day tees will be unforgettable. If you're looking for something even more unique, why not create a shirt featuring your chapter's house dog or an inside joke? Whatever design you pick, remember you can customize it completely! Here's some of the top Bid Day designs ...

    Socials / Date Functions

    It's time to get ready for the socials and functions that make your fraternity year so memorable! With a range of themes like 80s in Aspen, Luau, Jungle, or Toga Mixer (the classic!), you're sure to find a t-shirt design that fits each one perfectly. From pocket tees with detailed back designs to Greek letters on the front, you can find a design that will please all of your brothers. And if you have a theme in mind that hasn't been done before, let's design it from scratch - 100% custom! We also have hundreds of designs to customize — so let's find the perfect t-shirt for your Fall social!

    Parents Weekend / Dad's Day

    So you've been in college for a while ... now it's time to show your parents your new lifestyle! Well, maybe not your entire life ... but you can at least clean your room to look like you have it all together. Usually around the same time, Parents Weekend & Dad's Day is the perfect excuse to throw a tailgate, watch some football, and design some sick custom t-shirts! Show off your school pride with a detailed drawing of your football stadium or landmarks around campus. Or, go classic with a retro father/son graphic! Whatever you do ... make sure your parents will want to wear the tee!

    Philanthropy Event

    It's time to give back! Whether you're doing a fun run, crawfish boil, or derby days ... make sure your fraternity is ready with the perfect philanthropy event t-shirt. Not only will it rep your chapter and the cause you're supporting — but you can also sell them to others for more donations! Make an eye-catching design that's on theme with the event & people will want to buy! And with our free design proofs, you can customize any design to make it perfectly yours.

    Spring Break

    It's time to rent a beach house or ski lodge with the bros - Spring Break baby! This is one of the most memorable times in college, so you have to have a stand out custom t-shirt. No matter the destination, there's a design that'll work perfectly. Relax in the sun with a neon tank top or t-shirt, repping your frat while playing beach football. Or go with a long sleeve for a snowy ski trip! Bright 80s style colors and mountains will be an instant hit with your brothers. Wherever you go, you're gonna want a pocket tee to remember the week with!

    Mom's Day

    Once the flowers start to bloom, you know it's time for Mom's Day! Chances are, they haven't seen you at school since Parent's Weekend ... so make yourself look good! The best way to do that? Design a shirt that both your members & their moms will want to rep all weekend long. Something sweet like a drawing of a mother and son will have your mom getting senti, especially in a retro style. Add your frat colors and Greek letters to complete the tee. Remember this mom's weekend well - you only get 4 in college!


    What better way to end the semester than with a destination formal? A long weekend to a big city (Nashville, Dallas, and New Orleans are some classics) is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year! Hang out with the bros one last time & bring a date along for the ride. For these custom t-shirts, you want to highlight the destination! Go for a detailed drawing of the skyline, major landmark, or famous street.


    You'll be able to rep this tee all summer long, counting down the days until you're back on campus with your best friends. So let's design a shirt that represents that!

    Design Shirts Year Round!

    The perfect t-shirt for your fraternity is out there, and we at Jamison Pointe are here to help you find it! Whether you’re looking for the ideal design for Rush, Bid Day, Parents Weekend/Dads Day, Philanthropy Events, Spring Break or Formal - our wide selection of designs and ability to customize any tee will ensure you have the perfect shirt for your chapter. So let’s design an unforgettable t-shirt together and make this semester one to remember!