Top Fraternity Dad's Day Ideas

    No matter what you call it – fraternity dad's day, dude’s day, family weekend, parents weekend – there’s no doubt that dads everywhere love some quality time with their college son. But if you're in charge of this annual fraternity event ... it can be hard to know where to start! At Jamison Pointe, we want to help make your fraternity dad's day one to remember! Here are some popular ideas for events and activities to make the day unforgettable, plus a few custom fraternity t-shirts you can create as a keepsake.


    First up - a classic! Usually held in the Fall, Dad's Day is the perfect excuse to hold a giant tailgate at the house before the big football game. This event is basically second nature to frats - y'all know what you're doing when it comes to tailgates! Just make it a little more polished for when your dad, mom, uncle, grandparents, or whoever comes down for the weekend.


    Turn your fraternity house lawn into the perfect tailgate setup, complete with grills, TVs, cornhole, music, and ice cold coolers. Make sure to also have enough seating & tents for your dads to take a breather - game day is a marathon! Get fans and water to beat the football season heat.


    • Stocked Coolers
    • Hotdogs & Hamburgers (with all the fixings)
    • Chips & Dips
    • Canopy Tents with Seating
    • Music
    • Cornhole
    • Horseshoes
    • TVs (for watching all the games)


    Crawfish Boil

    Hosting your parent's event in the Spring? What about another frat classic - a crawfish boil! If you go to school in the South, chances are you've been to a couple boils. This is the perfect way to enjoy some nice Spring weather, eat some good food, and chill around with the dads. Because at the end of the day, that's all dads want to do, chill with a cold *refreshment* in their hand.


    To throw the perfect crawfish boil, there's a couple things you'll need: large stock pots, long foldable tables, butcher paper to cover the tables, and buckets for the shells. And don't forget the paper towels! This hands-only feast gets messy, to say the least. Get plenty of apps to go with the crawfish/corn/red potatoes/sausage main event - like fried okra, hushpuppies, or Texas caviar.


    The best part of throwing a crawfish boil? The custom shirts you get to design! Okay ... maybe we're biased, but there's nothing better than a cartoon crawdad poking out of a pot to remind you of your fraternity dad's day event.

    Casino Night

    Feeling lucky? Go head to head with the dads at a themed casino night! It gives you an excuse to beat your old man at Texas Hold Em, or at least have fun trying. Set up tables in your frat house, or rent out a space if you have a larger dad's day budget. Even hire a pro dealer if you want it to be legit!


    Speaking of pros, set up different tables for the serious poker games and people just having fun/learning how to play. Want to play with real money but don't want to get in trouble with the law? Smart thinking. Turn the night into a mini fundraiser, donating all the winnings to your fraternity's philanthropy. Your dads can't say no to going all in for a good cause! Especially if they've got a full house.


    Axe Throwing

    Looking for little to no setup? Axe throwing is the answer! Almost every college town has an axe throwing place and is equipped to handle large groups. Reserve a some throwing bays in the afternoon and send out a sign up sheet leading up to your fraternity dad's day. Guys can sign up if they want to go, not forcing anyone to go.


    Let your dads get rid of that pent up aggression and have some friendly competition with their sons. This also makes it easy to go to your favorite college town food spot afterwards, for a chill dad's day. This is especially easy if you have a smaller chapter size! And don't forget about some custom fraternity dad's day t-shirts to go with ...


    Dress Like Your Dad Grill Out

    Listen, dads just like grills. There's no denying it. Maybe it's the control of the spatula, the smell of the charcoal and propane, we'll never know. But one thing's for sure, they'll be stoked for a chill day grilling out with their sons! Get all the grilling food classics - burgers, hotdogs, sausages, corn, kebabs if you're feeling fancy. Add some live music, cold drinks, and a couple yard games, and you got yourself a perfect fraternity dad's day!


    Looking to have a little more fun as the sons? Tease your dads a little bit by dressing up in classic "dad gear." We're talking khaki shorts, Hawaiian shirts, high socks, sandals, and a bucket hat. You'll see the true beauty behind the grill with your reflective sunglasses. And don't forget the phone belt holder! Your dads will appreciate the commitment to the bit ... and you'll get some pretty unforgettable pics out of it.


    Outdoor Concert

    Have a live music venue in your college town? Check the calendar for any cheap shows going on during your fraternity dad's day. If it's classic rock - even better! An outdoor concert is the perfect way to hang out with your dad and buds while listening to some great music.


    If there's no concerts coming up, reach out to one of the bands/singers on your campus! Every college has one. Charge a small entry fee and have them set up at your fraternity house. Give the up and coming college musician a gig and get some classic live music. Even give them requests for some classic dad jams!


    Golf Tournament

    Finally, back to a classic - golf! Whether you're a regular at the green or just want an excuse to drive a golf cart, a day on the course will be right in your dad's alley. Start in the morning to beat the heat and fit in 18 holes. Get a cheesy trophy on Amazon to give to the winning father-son duo. Again, nothing like some healthy competition!


    Don't want to commit to a full round of golf? Totally get it ... why are there 18 holes anyway? Rent out some bays at your local TopGolf or driving range to just hit some balls. Same setup as the axe throwing - just give your brothers the opportunity to sign up for a time. The guys that want to will, and the other guys will be thankful that there's not another required event to go to.


    Ready to Plan Your Fraternity Dad's Day Event?

    No matter what you choose for your fraternity dad's day event, make sure it's something that everyone can enjoy. Give your dads a look into the life of a college student in a fraternity and show them how much fun they can have on this special weekend! With some good food, games, music, and plenty of custom frat shirts to go around, every special guy will have a great time. So, don't wait any longer - start planning your fraternity dad's day event today!