Top Fraternity Rush Themes of All Time

    Fraternity Rush T Shirts for Every Theme


    Are you getting ready for Rush yet? Prepare yourselves, it's closer than you think! Before you do anything though, you need a theme for your rush t shirts. From the classic fraternity flag on a dog to your mascot getting abducted by aliens, there's custom t shirts designs for every chapter. Find your favorite rush theme - it's time to discover the top Fraternity Rush Themes of all time!

    Top Gun

    First up, a classic! Nothing shows true brotherhood than seeing Goose & Maverick together. Channel this iconic duo this Fall with some Navy inspiration. Welcome some new wingmen to your chapter with a Top Gun inspired recruitment design! Highlight the classic jets and flight suits, but don't forget to add your chapter flag and Greek letters! This timeless rush theme will never go out of style ... and gives you an excuse to finally buy some Aviator sunglasses.


    Fly with the best with these classic rush t shirts!


    Hole in One

    Hit the green this Fall with a golf themed Rush! This theme is a chapter fav, no matter what. Whether you're a regular at the course or only go to drive the cart and "work on your swing," you'll love these custom t shirts for Bid Day! Go with the classic Masters logo for a timeless design, changing out the state with your college's location. Or go more trendy with a golfing bear! Truly want to show that rushing your fraternity is a hole in one? Get a custom design of Michael Block sinking it at the PGA Championship! Customize whatever you want to make this recruitment design unforgettable.


    Make something as iconic as that shot for your chapter's recruitment shirts!


    Out of This World

    You ever feel like your fraternity brothers are from another planet? Welp - rush is the perfect time to show that off! A space themed event is a classic, especially for fraternities. Keep it simple with an astronaut walking on the moon, with your fraternity's flag flying on the moon of course. Want to add some sports? Channel another classic 80s movie, Space Jam, to add some basketball to this otherworldly theme. Or bring the space vibes to Earth with a UFO abduction, adding your frat mascot floating into the spaceship.


    Design fraternity rush shirts that are out of this world!


    Classic Band Inspired

    Is there a band everyone in your chapter loves? Or at least a lot of y'all love and the other guys have 3 songs on deck in case someone asks? Then what a perfect excuse to have a band themed Rush! Go classic rock n roll with a Grateful Dead themed tee, complete with the colorful walking bears. Heads up on that design! Not every frat approves of those iconic bears, so think of a backup band your chapter loves just in case. Def Leppard and Van Halen have some classic choices, but have fun with it!


    Customize your favorite band logo for your fraternity rush t shirts!


    Back to the 80s

    Speaking of retro, why not just channel an entire decade for rush?? There's plenty of iconic 80s symbols and details to include for a throwback fraternity rush. You can't go wrong with neon, busy patterns, and triangles for this tee. There are hundreds of things you can reference on this busy tee, like Miami Vice or Back to the Future. Add your fraternity name in a bold sunset font, keeping with the beachy 80s vibes. These custom t shirts will become an instant chapter fav; your chapter will wear them all year round! Send us your ideas to customize designs for your fraternity!


    You might have been born a little later, but doesn't mean you can't make custom t shirts based off of this iconic decade!


    I Wanna Go Fast

    If you haven't seen Talladega Nights, are you really in a fraternity? Channel that winners attitude this rush season with a Nascar inspired tee. This theme just gives you an excuse to break out those jean cutoff shorts, red bandana, pretend to be Ricky Bobby all day. Watch your new brothers race in and get a Bid Day t-shirt they'll love! Go classic with a racecar on the back, with your Greek letters on the side of course. Customize this fraternity tee by adding a checkered flag, your college city, and colors. Your fraternity will love this fast design that's perfect for Fall or Spring rush!


    Get some inspiration or send your ideas for your Nascar themed rush t shirts!


    Hit the Slopes

    Speaking of Spring rush ... what about a snow themed event? This is an easy idea that everyone will love. I mean, what frat guy doesn't have ski goggles and a bright wind breaker in their closet? Seems like they hand those out when you get initiated, no? Create a classic fraternity shirt with a character skiing down the mountain, with your chapter house as the ski lodge in the background. Add some bright colors for a 80s in Aspen look, or keep it cool with your frat colors. Since it's Spring, you have a few more options for t-shirt styles. Go with a hoodie, sweatshirt, or long sleeve pocket tee for something a little different than you basic Comfort Colors pocket tee.


    Order an avalanche of rush t shirts this Fall! Send use your ideas to customize!


    Wild Wild West

    Have you been binging Yellowstone and want to channel that energy? Show your chapter's Wild West side with a cowboy themed recruitment. Cowboy hats are super easy to find at any party store, and it finally gives you an excuse to only play country music on aux. Go more direct for the design with a rustic guy in the desert, looking very stoic and serious. Or go more general with a desert mountain scene. Whatever you do, know that you can customize a rush design 100% for your fraternity. With hundreds of designs to look at for inspiration, you'll be able to find the perfect styles and designs for your fraternity.


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    The Boys are Back

    Are you just dying to get back to campus for rush? Go more classic with a design that will last as long as your fraternity house ... like a design OF your house! These detailed designs let you bring your chapter's personality into the product. Get an exact replica of your campus house drawn on the back, and then put in whatever you want! You can customize with your house dog, a tailgate in the front yard, skeletons sitting in lawn chairs, whatever! Share the great vibes of your fraternity with a custom recruitment shirt.


    Get a custom design of your chapter house handdrawn!


    Great Outdoors

    Finally, another classic theme! Show off the beauty around your campus (or what you wished it looked like) with a detailed outdoorsy t-shirt. Make the design personal to your college with an outline of your state, with simple outdoors elements inside. Or go more trippy with the design with bright colors, swirly lines, and funky shapes. This theme is easy, a classic, and will make everyone feel like they're at home. And that's what fraternity rush shirts are all about, right?? Making new members feel welcomed and able to share in their new brotherhood.


    Send us your rush ideas on the perfect outdoors recruitment!


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    Fraternity rush shirts are a great way to show off your chapter's personality and help make new members feel welcomed. Whether you want to go classic rush with a house design or have some fun with an 80s ski lodge theme, there are plenty of designs to choose from! Jamison Pointe makes it easy to customize recruitment shirts that will make your chapter stand out. So what are you waiting for? Send us your ideas to get started on a free design proof today!